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Paintball is a group sport with a tactical component in which two teams face each other using markers that launch paintballs to eliminate the opposing team’s players. It is a sport that is played especially outdoors, combining exercise, contact with nature, strategy, team play and, above all, adrenaline rush and fun with friends.

From 8 to 14 years old:

24per person
  • Minimum groups of 6 people
  • Markers Gotcha
  • 100 balls / person
  • Overalls included
  • Load of 100 extra balls: €6.50
  • Load of 2000 extra balls: €85
  • Duration: 2h
Minors (8 to 14 years old)

Paintball has a wide range of products that allow young people to practice this sport.

They will be able to experience all the excitement of the games without any risk with the Gotcha markers. They launch smaller caliber paint balls, using a mechanism mechanically activated by a spring, at a lower speed, impacting more gently on the participants.

With the Paintball experience, we give importance to group play, releasing energy, learning strategy, fostering camaraderie and enjoying the experience. The monitor will accompany the participants at all times, guiding and encouraging them.

From 15 years:

24per person
  • Minimum groups of 6 people
  • Markers Tippman
  • 100 balls / person
  • Overalls included
  • Load of 100 extra balls: €6.50
  • Box of 2000 extra balls: €85
  • Duration: 2h
Adults (from 15 years old)

Tippman markers for adults are powered by compressed air bottles, which allows you to shoot with more power, that is, at greater speed and from a greater distance.

An experience full of adrenaline and laughter. The game immerses you in the strategic mind and the importance of team unity.

In a 2-hour game window, the Paintball experience will give you a great adrenaline rush, great strategy practice, a game that fosters camaraderie and anecdotes for a few days.




Bales of straw, parapets, a fort, a mine with cars, barrels of TNT… Live the experience of being a real cowboy and show your friends who is the good one, who is the ugly one and who is the bad one!


Stainless steel, rubber, wood, plastic, sheet metal, polyester, etc. There is everything in this field. Live the experience of sheltering yourself behind a car, inside a BOAT! Behind some drums, the game will become a real territorial street fight.

Paintball play is carried out under strict safety conditions that minimize risks and guarantee the correct development of the games. The use of a protective mask is mandatory to protect your eyes and face. Furthermore, in adult paintball, it is advisable to use other protective elements such as overalls and bibs that we will lend you ourselves.

The paintballs that the markers shoot are made with whey and food coloring covered with gelatin. They are hypo-allergenic, non-toxic if ingested, easy to wash and biodegradable, so their environmental impact is minimal.

Wild! The field is very wide, thousands of obstacles, but they also allow movement, very dynamic! The team is luxurious, they give you the cucumber of the scoreboard, you get a Chuck Norris face and you think you are the new John Wick. I jumped into a ditch to act as a sniper and peed on myself to give it realism, but it didn’t matter because they have showers.

Fernando Santero

An unforgettable day!
We spent a day enjoying like girls at Paintball Donosti. They explained everything to us to have a safe game and it was incredible. The settings are fascinating, full of obstacles and surrounded by nature, and the game is pure adrenaline. I still feel the tension of the moment and the adrenaline rush. Thank you for making this possible!


We’ve had a good time. The instructors have been very clear in the explanations and instructions for using the material. We have been able to choose between jumpsuit sizes and they have everything. The space has several playing fields that you can change depending on the objective of the game. Thank you!


The best place to have fun with friends!
A great place to play paintball! All the equipment, scoreboard, mask, vest, etc., are very well cared for and can be seen to be of quality. In addition, they care a lot about security. But, without a doubt, the best thing is that the two fields that are very well set with lots of elements, get you really into the role. We had a great time!

Andoni Sanz
Paintball Donosti | Corona




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