Your gateway to thrilling adventures near San Sebastián

Welcome to Paintball Donosti, your destination for strong emotions in the picturesque Zubieta, Gipuzkoa, just minutes from San Sebastián! Located at Petritza Bidea, 12, we invite you to discover a paradise of unlimited fun.

At Paintball Donosti, we offer you two extraordinary experiences: Paintball and Capeas con Toros, inspired by the authenticity and emotion of the world-famous San Fermines of Pamplona. Dare to challenge your friends in intense paintball battles, immerse yourself in tactical strategies and feel the adrenaline rush through your veins on our specially designed playing field.

But the real excitement begins with our Capeas con Toros, an experience that evokes the authenticity of the San Fermines. Embark on the authentic Spanish festival, where you can participate in the exciting art of running with bulls, always with maximum safety and authenticity.

Why choose Paintball Donosti?

  • Privileged Location: Petritza Bidea, 12, 20160 Zubieta, Gipuzkoa, is strategically located for easy arrival from San Sebastián and other surrounding areas.
  • Transport Connection: Accessing our facilities is easy thanks to the excellent public transport network and well-connected roads.
  • Unforgettable Experiences: Committed to offering memorable moments, we combine the excitement of paintball with the authenticity of bullfighting, inspired by the legendary San Fermines of Pamplona.

How to get:

  • By Car: Paintball Donostia is located 10 kilometers from the San Sebastián. From there you can take a short taxi ride o a public bus.
  • By train: Paintball Donostia is located 10 kilometers from the San Sebastián train station. From there, you can take a short taxi ride or local shuttle to reach us.
  • By plane: Paintball Donostia is located 29 kilometers from the San Sebastián airport. From there you can take a short taxi ride to reach us directly or a direct public bus to San Sebastian.

Get ready to experience the excitement of San Fermines in the heart of beautiful Gipuzkoa with Paintball Donosti! Contact us today to book your paintball or bullfighting adventure.

Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in authentic Spanish culture and the excitement of San Fermines, we are waiting for you in Zubieta!