In 2008 Puelaberri Paintball was born. This initiative was the result of the union between sport, adrenaline and nature, our passions. Sport has been a pillar in our life and whenever possible, we have opted for adrenaline sports, outdoors and in a natural environment. Paintball contains this and also something that we love, strategy and team play. Pioneers in Gipuzkoa, thousands of people have already enjoyed our two playing fields and plaza, enjoying themselves as a group and releasing adrenaline.

We love receiving groups of friends wanting to enjoy a different activity

12 years later, in a special moment for everyone, we also decided to make changes focused on improving the service we offer. Changes designed for those people who want to do a different activity with family or friends and spend a day full of fun. It is always good to reinvent yourself and improve, so from now on, you will find us as Paintball Donosti, in the same place but with a new website and constant improvement in our fields and services.

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