Nowadays, practically everyone knows what Paintball is, and many have played it on some occasion. However, there are many things that are unknown about this sport, such as the fact that markers (which is what the compressed air guns used are called) are considered a group 4 weapon.

That is, it cannot be handled or acquired by anyone under 14 years of age. Another thing is that some company fails to explain it because money is money. Even in many places, if you are under 18, they will ask for parental authorization to cover their backs with civil liability insurance.

Another unknown aspect of this game is that in many European countries it is a sport, yes, and also federated. Different leagues are played in Spain and it is even the setting every year for a Millennium, the most important competition at the European level and which brings to our country the best in this sport worldwide.

How to compete

The Paintball competition field is governed by very specific rules, for example in European competitions they must have measurements of 45m x 36m. The obstacles are inflatable, approximately 44, with different shapes. Each team has half of the field, the obstacles must be located symmetrically to avoid advantages and the field must be flat.

The rules may change in each competition, but those of Millenium are considered the official ones and could be summarized in the following points:

Five people will play for each team.

The markers must be set to camping mode and fire ten balls per second. Automatic weapons are not accepted, although if you are very good with the trigger you can make the marker shoot 20 balls per second continuously. In any case, the number of “ammunition” is limited and if you get excited about shooting you may find yourself in trouble. Additionally, reloading your weapon will take time during which you are defenseless.

If they stain you or your equipment you are eliminated.

Course of the game

The team that eliminates all the opponents or the one that has the best situation after 15 minutes wins. The best of five games are played and there are referees to control them. If a player continues on the field when he has been fouled, he and another player on the team are sent off as a penalty. But if he is even trickier and tries to erase the paint, then there will be three who leave the field.