The battle you were waiting for to have great fun!

Are you looking for an experience full of fun, excitement and total safety? Gelball is the answer! Perfect for playing with friends and suitable for all ages 6 and up, this activity immerses you in a world of friendly competition, strategy and endless laughter.

The safest option

Gelsoft is 100% safe, using GelBall ammunition made of gel and water. With no air or paint projectiles, there is no risk of punctures, marks or stains. Just worry-free fun! Although it is safe, referee supervision and the use of protective equipment, such as masks, are necessary for a mishap-free experience.

Fun competitions

Do you like to compete? Gelball takes the fun to a competitive level! Test your skill, cunning and speed as you take on your friends in an exciting team battle. Will you be the strategist who will lead your team to victory?

Risk-free play

Unlike other activities such as Paintball or Airsoft, Gelsoft replicas are safe and friendly toys for all ages. No special clothing is required, only t-shirts that identify each team and protective glasses.

Innovative materials

Gelsoft replicas, known as Gel Blaster, offer realism without the risks. GelBalls, made of gel and water, are soft ammunition that does not cause damage or stains. With 90% water composition, they are non-toxic and biodegradable.

Big fun

Form teams of at least 3 people and immerse yourself in the closed battlefield. With different forms of play, from aim practice to epic confrontations, Gelball guarantees hours of unmatched fun.

Strategic play time

You have 2 hours on the field to develop your winning strategy and eliminate the opposing team. Create your common word to identify the shots and immerse yourself in the best Gelball experience!

Try the most exciting, fun and safe activity! Check our rates and do not hesitate to contact us to resolve any questions. Get ready for an aquatic adventure filled with laughter and action in every shot!